Rabbit Hole

Who's Who in the Cast?

Dani Vien (Becca):


Dani Vien (Becca): Growing up in the city of Chicago, Dani found her love for arts at an early age. She would perform for her family at home and soon gain recognition for writing and acting in school. She made her first major stage debut in college performing in the monologue series, “That takes Ovaries”. “I love the free expression and compassion of acting. The more I step in the shoes of others, the better I walk in my own.” Thank you Tony for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you to my castmates, friends and family for all of your support. A special thank you to my children Leeangelo, Leeyah, and Leema for inspiring me to do what I love. I’d like to dedicate this performance to all parents of children big and small, alive or resting. God bless. IG: Danivien





Tony Mullins (Howie):


Tony recently performed the role of Albert/Kevin in Clybourne Park. He has also played Ceaser Wilkes in August Wilson's Gem of the Ocean, Huckleebee in The Fantasticks, and Walter Lee Younger in A Raisin in the Sun. Elsewhere, he has played The Judge in Hello, Dolly.  The Deputy/ Master Nick Cricker in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and Delbert Tibbs in The Exonerated, a role in which he was nominated for an American College Theater Festival Award. Some of his favorite and most challenging roles include Jean ValJean in Les Miserables and The Pirate King in The Pirates of Penzance.  Mr. Mullins recently participated in a workshop of Up Where We Belong, a Broadway-aimed production based on the lives of BeBe and CeCe Winnans.  Tony would like to thank anyone who contributed to this production in any way.  For more information on Tony (the Actor, Producer, Director, or Playwright!), please visit www.eveningstarpro.com


Brittany Richardson (Izzy):


Rabbit Hole will be Brittany’s debut role. Brittany has decided to step out and chase her own dreams after helping others. She would like to thank Ylonda Powell-Medley for pushing her to pursue opportunities, being a positive mentor and guide into a new world of possibilities. She would also like to thank her sister, Crystal, for being her rock, support and constant light in her life. Brittany is dedicating this production to her late father to remind him there is always a way to follow your dreams.​

Myrna Chase (Nat):


Myrna has previously played Idella in Purlie Victorious and Lena Younger in Evening Star Production of A Raisin In the Sun and in the same role with Pistackle Theatre’s production in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Myrna would like to thank her friends and family for their support as she pursues her passion for the theatre.




Dyzhier Gray (Jason):

Dyzhier has starred in other productions such as "Into The Woods Jr." as Rapunzel's Prince. Dyzhier would like to thank Tony Mullins for believing in his talent, his mother for helping him remember to stay true to himself, and God for giving him the strength to pursue his dreams. Dyzhier would like to dedicate this performance to anyone who has a dream and do whatever means to make sure their dreams become a reality. For any question about Dyzhier please contact this email address(dyzhier.g@yahoo.com)

Who's Who in the Crew?

Tony Mullins (Director):


Tony's recent directing project for ESP includes Clybourne Park, The Fantasticks, and A Raisin in the Sun. Elsewhere he has directed Color Blind and Little Rock (both of which he also wrote). Tony often serves as Executive Producers for his projects as well. For more information on Mr. Mullins, and his future projects, please visit www.eveningstarpro.com



Zeke Jones (Stage Manager):


Zeke is excited to be returning to Charlotte theatre working behind the scenes. He is currently working towards going back to school for a Master’s in Teaching theatre. Zeke would like to thank his mother for being his rock and a huge place of support. He would also like to thank his boyfriend, Reuben, for constantly pushing him and never giving up hope.


Tess Sanders (Prop Master):


This is Tess’s first ESP show, and she’s delighted to be learning all she can from the company. As prop master, she’s excited to treasure hunt for the pieces that make the Rabbit Hole as true to life as it can be. Tess would like to thank Tony for taking a chance on an untrained theater enthusiast, and her supportive friends and family for their all-encompassing love. She’s dedicating her participation to all the angels whose generosity of heart has shown just how much love there is to go around in this needing world of ours. 

Myrna Chase (Costume Coordinator):


Myrna has previously worked with the costume department at Central Piedmont Community College Summer Theatre program as Costumer and Wardrobe Assistant in their production of Hairspray and Alice in Wonderland. Myrna worked as costume director for the musical The Evolution of Black Gospel Music in Charlotte, NC. Myrna also work on the Evening Star Production’s first performance of A Raisin in the Sun as Costume Coordinator. Myrna’s passion for every aspect of theatre production has lead her to once again join Evening Star to make this production of Rabbit Hole a success.