Who's Who in the Cast?

Tony Mullins (Walter Lee Younger)


Tony Mullins (Walter Lee Younger):  Tony is ecstatic to return to the role of Walter Lee Younger!  Since this original Evening Star production in 2012, Tony has played Godfrey "Goodness" Crump in Crumbs from the Table of Joy.  Previously he has played such roles as The Judge in Hello Dolly, Mr. Bratt in How to Succeed..., and Jean ValJean in Les Miserables. Tony is also proud to have originated the role of Ernest Green in Little Rock...(a play based on the Little Rock 9).  Tony would like to thank his returning cast members for believing in the project enough to come back for round two, and welcome his new cast members into The Evening Star and Raisin family.  Can't wait to share the stage with you all!  Let's do this!


Charlene “Gigi” Boynton (Lena "Mama" Younger)


Gigi makes her acting debut in A Raisin in The Sun. No newcomer to the stage, this Chicago native is an accomplished classical pianist as well as a singer/songwriter and is a former opera singer. Gigi would like to first and foremost thank God, her savior and Lord and the creator of her gifts and many blessings. She would also like to thank her parents, Bernard and Rose Boynton for encouraging her to be her very best,  and instilling in her to never take a gift for granted. Many thanks to Tony Mullins for taking a chance and allowing her to be a part of this stellar cast. Gigi performs this show in memory of her father, who always knew she possessed star quality but didn’t live to see her achieve it. In her own words, “Stay tuned, Daddy. I will shine brightly!”

Tiffany Bryant-Jackson (Ruth Younger)


Tiffany Renea began her life in the Theatre when she entered Elon University’s Theatre Program in 1998. Since making the move to Charlotte in 2006 and has been blessed to work with Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, On Q Productions, Old Courthouse Theatre and Three Bone Theatre. She is beyond excited to be back on stage with Evening Star Productions and reprising her role as Ruth. A special thanks to her family for their patience ans support.

Tayona Fraylon (Beneatha Younger)


 Tayona has previously appeared in several productions in her Drama Ministry at Victory Christian Center, a townsperson in the Sanya Richards-Ross Citi Bank Olympic commercial,  a counselor in the Michael Landon Jr's Hallmark production of The Confession, and an independent film role. Tayona would like to first and foremost thank God, for placing a talent and passion for acting in her heart at a very early age, and also all of her family, friends, and loved ones for their continued support. Tayona would like everyone to know that the best is yet to come in life and to be on the lookout for her future endeavors.

Terrence Jackson (Travis Younger)


Terrence Jackson is a 5th grader at First Ward Creative Arts Academy who loves dance, drama, soccer and baseball. He recieved his first taste of the stage as a member of the congregation in On Q Productions Amen Corner and has also been seen in Theatre Charlotte's A Christmas Carol. He is excited to be apart of the Raisin family.

Shawn Jones (Joseph Asagai)


Shawn is debuting in his first semi-professional theatre production. Shawn would like to first thank God, for carrying him through the journey of life.  Shawn would also like to thank his wonderful family who have always pushed and supported all of his hopes and aspirations. Shawn dedicates this performance to those that see light in dark places, who live without fear, and for those seeking to coexist with one another without seeing color, just equality.

Ricco Tinnin (George Murchinson/Bobo)


Ricco has been prominently featured in the modeling and acting industry.  He has been in various runway shows, promotional events, commercials, plays and movies.  He has recently appeared in a video for the Westgate Resort and Casino located in Las Vegas Nevada.  He  has appeared in commercials for Time Warner Cable and Prudential Investments.  Ricco is on billboards and banners around the state of North Carolina for charlottesgotalot.com.  Ricco attends New Foundation Church in Charlotte North Carolina where his brother-in-law Sam Wagner is the tip of the blade which protects the ministry, with his wife and Riccos's older sister First Lady Rico Wagner.  He is the loving Father of a six year old son named Kyins.  Everything he does is for him and the Lord. He dedicates his performances to his mother and Father Norma Tinnin and Rico Ray.

Nathan Morris (Karl Linder)


Nathan is stoked to be reprising his role for Evening Star Productions! Previous credits include Lord Montague in Romeo and Juliet, Octavius and Cinna the conspirator in Julius Caesar,  and King Edward in the world premier of Queen Margaret, all produced under Shakespeare Carolina.  Nathan has also played multiple roles in Theatre Charlotte’s A Christmas Carol. Nathan would never be on stage if it weren’t for the constant support of friends and family!