Julian Simpson (read by Tony Mullins):  Julian is the son of Darryl and Stella Simpson.  Out of him and his sister (Rhonda), he is the oldest.  He is a young Attending Doctor.  His visit back home, and introduction of his White Girlfriend to his black family serves as the major catalyst for this play. 

Julian is respectful and calm natured.  He often times serves as the peace maker and "fixer" for the family, but has a fire and intensity that can surface when he feels threatened.  This is a Simpson family trait, and every member of the family has it, and shows it at times.

Christina Worthington (read by Caryn Crye):  Christina is Julian's longtime girlfriend.  Julian is upper-middle class, and she is upper crest.  She met him when they were undergrads a James Madison University.  Since that time, they have gone to Medical School together and found work at the same hospital, all while nurturing their budding relationship.  They have reached the milestone in their relationship where it is time to meet the parents.  Christina accompanies Julian home for what is supposed to be a nice weekend when all hell breaks loose.


Christina serves as the odd-man out.  A stranger in a strange land if you will.  She is smart, sweet, good-hearted and level headed but will not be pushed around or made a fool of. 

Rhonda Simpson (read by Tiffany Bryant-Jackson):  Rhonda is Julian's Sister.  The younger of the two, she is smart, fiery, and headstrong. Sometimes these traits are to her detriment.  She has strong convictions and is not afraid to voice them.  She is not amused in the least by Julian and Christina's relationship and is projected some of her own disappointments off to the couple.  A chance encounter may yet change her way of thinking.

Stella Simpson (read by Shar Marlin): Wife to Darryl, Mother to Julian and Rhonda.  Stella is a smart, head-strong, fiery and vibrant woman.  Smart as whip, she made partner at her law firm at a very early age and has no problem reminding people of that.

She is thrown through a loop when her son, the apple of her eye comes home with a white woman, and struggles with the fact that the picture perfect image of her family, which she desperately tries to craft may be ruined by this relationship.  Because her and Rhonda are so much alike, they are often at odds with each other, but love each other immensely. 

Darryl Simpson (read by Tim Bradley):   Husband to Stella, Father to Julian and Rhonda. Not unlike the rest of his family, Darryl is a smart accomplished man.  He is the first African American to serve as Chief of Staff at the hospital that he works at.  For the most part he is gentle and mild-mannered with a huge capacity for love and understanding.  His edge comes out when he is trying to protect the people he loves from others, or from themselves.  He is equally surprised when Julian shows up with Christina, but is probably the most understanding.

Patrice Miller (read by Vida Covington):   Best friend to Rhonda, and a longtime family friend, Patrice has known the family since she was an adolescent.  She has grown up to be a beautiful, smart, and sophisticated business woman who is the life of the party, and poised to take over the world.  She does not take herself to seriously, and tries to defuse the drama from a situation as quickly as possible.  She often serves as the voice of reason to Rhonda but is not afraid to give back as good as she gets when necessary.

She is also an inviting presence to Christina, she has empathy with her and Julian's situation based on her own relationship.

Mrs. Baker (read by Kacy Connnon):  In true sitcom fashion, Mrs. Baker is the Gladys Kravitz of this story.  She is the nosy neighbor who must know everything that is going on, even if it is none of her business.  Even though it may not always seem like it, Mrs. Baker's concern for the Simpson Family comes from a good place.  She has charged herself with looking in on them and making sure they are doing well.  She is also the very definition of a sassy southern belle (think Blanche from Golden Girls).   She is slightly behind on the times, but smart as a whip, and just a little bit of a functioning alcoholic.

The arrival of Christina and Julian, and their very relationship being called into question triggers unpleasant memories for her, and unearths a buried family secret of her own.

Adam Worthington (read by Tim Campbell):  Christina's older brother and protector. He can't help but to check in on her during her weekend getaway with Julian.  He arrives to the Simpson household, uninvited, and witnesses the Simpson family roller coaster ride first hand.  Like Christina he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  He is slightly more opinionated then Christina, but also knows how to sit back, observe, and no the players before he participates in the game.  He and Julian don't hit it off right away but eventually learn how to respect each other.  Everything that he does is motivated by the love he has for his sister, and the need he has to protect her.

If interested,below is a link for production pictures of the world premiere of the original production (performed in 2006 at Catawba College (sorry about the quality of some of them, there was an issue with the compression but it gives you an idea)