Did You Know....

  • It costs approximately $100 per performance for a play.  So if you're doing a six show run, that's $600 just to be able to walk on stage and say the lines!

  • If you're doing a popular, well-known musical the cost goes up (anywhere from $500-$1,200 per show.)

  • And that's even before the aesthetics are added, such as costumes, lighting, and set. The budget for that, depending on the show could be thousands of dollars.

  • This is why even the smallest shows can costs thousands of dollars to put up, and why we need your help to keep them thriving and going. 

Please help us in our mission to continue to bring inspired works, both new, revived, and reimagined to the community of Charlotte. Right now, there are two major ways to do so. Click the button below for more info: